Online Course Launch: Take Back Your Life and Improve Productivity

Online Course Launch: Take Back Your Life and Improve Productivity

I’m very excited to announce the launch of Take Back Your Life, a program designed to uncover your particular personal issues with and style of procrastination, and lead you in gaining control over it. Guided introspection enables you to pick and choose the strategies that will be most effective for you.

Productivity Impacts Our Lives

Sometimes it seems that as we attempt a daunting project, our willpower dissolves and we are overtaken by the desire to do something, ANYTHING else. If we allow these inclinations to run our days, then we end up with low energy, disappointment, and shame, as we live unfulfilled lives.

Most people who experience procrastination have tried various strategies with mixed results. Tactics alone don’t help much and if they do, the changes seldom last. To successfully take charge and improve our productivity, it helps to address the issue in a comprehensive way, from various directions and perspectives.

How Does the Online Course Work?

A person determined to routinely get and stay on task will observe her procrastination trigger points and redirect her actions back to the task – keeping records of her progress, rewarding herself, and making a commitment to reach the goal. Take Back Your Life guides you on this journey in a way that encourages you to appreciate and celebrate your efforts and progress.

The most successful learners are determined and ready to do what it takes to achieve their goals. Because Take Back Your Life focuses on utilizing your strengths, rewarding your successes, and inspiring yourself, it’s an effective as well as enjoyable and uplifting journey – rather than another boring online course. All of this happens in 20 minutes a day over the course of several weeks.


Take Back Your Life, Productivity course, online courses, change your world, take back your life, path to productivity, stop procrastinatingA year from now, you can be a year older and in the same place or, with the help of Take Back Your Life, you can be routinely accomplishing whatever you set out to do. The choice is yours.

During Launch Week, June 22 – 28, Change Your World is offering Take Back Your Life productivity course at a $25 discount. To receive a copy of the course’s strategy list, enter your email address below and I’ll send a code directly to you.





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