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Peggy Kelsey

Peggy Kelsey was a professional photographer who created the Afghan Women’s Project which sent her to Afghanistan to photograph and interview women. After two successful trips, lecturing back in the U.S. to hundreds of audiences, and publishing the book Gathering Strength: Conversations with Afghan Women, she began sharing her project productivity experience and insights through online courses.

Though she loved her projects, there were certain tasks, often important ones, that she was prone to procrastinate over, threatening the life of her project. Peggy set out to learn how she could help herself do what needed to be done.

Peggy’s core offering, Transform Your Procrastination is a comprehensive program that puts you in charge over how you spend your time. For those who prefer to focus only on learning to enjoy those unappetizing tasks that you must do, Peggy created Get Motivated and Get it Done: How to Find Pleasure Doing Tasks you Don’t Naturally Enjoy.

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Curious about what to expect?

Here’s a preview of one video from the Transform Your Procrastination lesson on self-talk. (Videos are only one part of the course activities.)