I’ve been struggling with procrastination for years. I’ve read books and articles and taken a few video courses. I applied their techniques and some of them helped for awhile, but I always slipped back into my old habits.

This course was different. It helped me see where I was sabotaging myself and involved me by making me do things, not just read or watch. Keeping my log had a great impact because it helped me see how much I actually procrastinate and gave me points for going back to my task that I could use to reward myself.

Through this course, I learned about procrastination and about myself. It showed me how I can use my strengths to transform myself in this and other areas of my life.

– Maggie (M. F. Photographer)


Mastering Procrastination [now Transform Your World]  is a thoughtful and motivating course every step of the way. The clearly stated objectives and little pieces of wisdom were very motivational for me. A lot of the questions asked in the course really hit home and helped me figure out why I put certain tasks off. Now that I know the root behind my procrastination, I’m in a much better place to move forward. Hearing that uncompleted tasks zap my energy was definitely a light bulb moment for me.

The timeline of the course allows the learner to work in short little chunks of time. This was essential for me since I’ve been working on this course during my breaks at work. This also shows that Peggy really knows her audience. Short chunks of time are very manageable for procrastinators.

I also enjoyed that Peggy uses examples and shares her personal experiences throughout the course. She’s not just an expert talking down to us procrastinators. She’s genuinely sharing her expertise of what works for her, plus a variety of other strategies.

If you struggle with procrastination (even just a little bit), this course will give you the tools to push through and complete your tasks.

– Jill C. Educator, South Korea

“Procrastination” becomes a quick excuse for not doing something. Peggy Kelsey’s “Change Your World”[now Transform Your World] course helps us understand what procrastination really is and why we do it. She is a thoughtful guide, encouraging us to recognize why we do not complete tasks and providing reflective assignments to discover personal strategies for success. The course’s presentations are interspersed with humor, and Peggy makes continuing to learn an enjoyable, as well as fruitful, journey.

– Laura (e-Learning Specialist)


This course popped up in a friend’s Facebook share right as I was realizing what an issue procrastination is for me – perfect timing. I found the segments to be organized in a very systematic approach and easy to digest, even if I allocated only a short amount of time. The journal assignments were worthwhile and helpful though not always easy as they require a great deal of introspection.

I also like the various styles of teaching – videos, reading, exercises, etc which kept my attention. The segments were easily achievable without being overwhelming.

The biggest takeaway for me was noticing and understanding the excuses I made on a regular basis. I realized that previously I would not question my excuses, but when I did, they sounded weak even to me. After completing this course, I feel empowered and able to change my habits for the better.

– Carin (C.W. Entrepreneur)



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