The Mad Scientist Entrepreneur

The Mad Scientist Entrepreneur

Picture the mad scientist. You can imagine him, right? The wild-eyed, scruffily dressed man with rat’s-nest hair holding a test tube.

Although this image may be unappealing, especially when we contemplate it being applied to ourselves, there are traits of the mad scientist (aside from his fashion sense) that are very relevant to entrepreneurial success.


Everything is an Experiment


One of the qualities that distinguishes the “mad scientist entrepreneur” from the usual folks is that she sees everything as an experiment. Though it may not be easy to get funding when you tell potential investors that you see your grand idea as an experiment, you can apply an experimental mindset to your way of working, whether in your job, in your business, or in your life.


What Inspires You?


A successful entrepreneur must have a grand idea that she’s passionate about. Your own ideas or goals as a “mad scientist entrepreneur” , may or may not be less grand, but they must be compelling. What inspires you?

Are you taking the initial steps to start your own company?

Preparing your new product for its launch deadline?

Finishing today’s work by 5 PM so you can have a night out with your friends?

Pursuing those goals with an inquisitive and experimental mindset can help you find ways to accomplish them that are more efficient, productive or fun.


When the Going Gets Tough, the Tough Get Going


Tenacity is another important mad scientist quality that’s important for the entrepreneur as well. Experimenting to find ways to keep yourself going when you feel like quitting can make the difference between success and failure.

Tenacity involves not only sticking with the big things, but also the little ones. Your experiments to find a morning routine is a great example. Creating a routine that boosts your wellbeing and daily productivity may lead to numerous great ideas and give you clarity on what doesn’t work for you. When an idea doesn’t work, it makes sense to let it go, but it’s important to keep experimenting until you find one that fits.

Consider this: What if we started viewing ourselves as scientist entrepreneurs instead of business people? How would that change your ability to be creative and produce results? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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