Transforming Your Procrastination


Transform Your Procrastination


You’ve probably tried numerous strategies and tactics to help you get over your procrastination. Maybe it worked for awhile, but because your new regimen was lacking in a few essential components, you fell back into old habits.

To successfully take control over your procrastination, you need: 

  • Introspection into how, why, when, and in which circumstances you tend to procrastinate
  • Guidance in adapting your chosen strategies to your own particular personality and situation
  • A community to interact with free from fear of judgment. People to hold you accountable, and to exchange support and encouragement
  • Expert input to personally answer your questions, address your particular circumstances, and help to keep you on track

Over the course of 20 weeks, you’ll spend an hour or two each week with the lessons and as the course progresses, you’ll gain that much time back and then some.



What can you expect from Transform Your World?

In Module 1, you will set yourself up to gain maximum value from this course and introduce yourself and meet your fellow Transformation Community members. 

By the end of Module 1you will have introduced yourself and engaged with your fellow Transformation Community members, have a broad understanding of procrastination, chosen your particular procrastination issue to address via this course, and started logging and rewarding yourself for your procrastination re-directs.


In Module 2, you’ll gain insights into the kind of procrastinator you are, the process of identity transformation and certain important distinctions between what is procrastination and what is not. 

By the end of  Module 2, you will have begun using your procrastination to get insight about your Task, have practiced a method of quieting your internal saboteur, and be using tactics to help yourself along, for both short-term and long-term projects.


Module 3 will guide you in facing and overcoming your fear, self-talk and sabotaging beliefs. 

By the end of Module 3, you will have taken steps to diminish your fear when it pops up and utilize tools when it’s necessary to confront it. You will also have applied your new insight to help yourself replace negative self-talk with positive. You will have taken steps to uproot dysfunctional beliefs and assess the actual benefits of the payoffs procrastination sometimes brings.


Module 4 leads you to discover further insights into your particular procrastination vulnerabilities and offers tools to preemptively avoid them. 

By the end of Module 4, You will have applied your self-knowledge of why, when, and where you’re most prone to procrastinate to strategies offered, identified your triggers and set up preemptive interventions, and have assessed your progress. If you haven’t come as far as you’d like, you’ll have tried on some tools to overcome your challenges.


In Module 5 we focus on how to make your strategies more effective. 

By the end of Module 5, you will have adjusted strategies to take into account your reaction to obligations, employed strategies that increase your motivation and enjoyment, and created your own Disliked Task Enjoyment Plan.


Module 6 goes into depth to help you develop skills and habits to start and stay on Task. 

By the end of Module 6, you will have set intentions for each of your goals and use your new understanding of implementing those intentions to be more successful at keeping them. You will have experimented with different scheduling tactics, created a Task preparation ritual, and have implemented strategies to stay on Task when you want to quit. If you find yourself feeling discouraged, you’ll have implemented a process I guide you through to get yourself back on track.


In Module 7 we will anchor your lessons in place. 

By the end of  Module 7, you will have signed a contract with yourself to earn an Accomplishment Score level that you choose, based on results from your Procrastination Recovery Log. Using your understanding of where you are vulnerable to procrastination you will have practiced using the tools to implement your decision to act productively. You will have found camaraderie and encouragement among your fellow procrastinators in the Transformation Community and exchanged advice and support. You will gain personalized insights from my regular presence there, encouraging you and answering your questions. Once you’ve finished this course, you’ll be invited to continue your membership in the community Graduate Room where the topics can broaden to include other issues of productivity.


I’m so confident that you will be satisfied with this course that I will guarantee it.

If, at the end of two weeks you want to quit, then you get a 100% refund, no questions asked.

If you complete the course, have participated in each lesson’s forum, and are not satisfied with the amount of control you’ve achieved over your procrastination, then you can get a total refund.  


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